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Prophecy relates that God's people will be facing the wrath of the dragon and his hosts as the great controversy between God and Satan wraps up in the final days (Rev 12:17).

The book Unmovable skillfully and systematically expounds on the sacred unadulterated truths God has entrusted to His beloved commandment-keeping people who must weather the tests, the trials and the rigors of the time of the end. 


The Adventist Core Beliefs Series

Especially prepared for those who just want to get right into a much deeper, more solid, and more meaningful understanding of Adventism's three core beliefs---the sanctuary, the investigative judgment and the three angels' messages. . .


Adventist Core Beliefs #1

The Sanctuary and Its Cleansing

The proclamation of the cleansing of the heavenly sanctuary at the end of the 2,300 prophetic days is "the central pillar and foundation of the Advent faith." (GC 409). We are told that this subject needs to be clearly understood in order to be able to "exercise the faith that is essential at this time and to occupy the position God designs one to fill" (GC 488). 


It is present truth. It is the message the flock needs needs to hear now (EW 63).



Adventist Core Beliefs #2

The Investigative Judgment

While the case of every man is being examined in the sanctuary above and his eternal destiny being decided, how important it is that all clearly understand the role Jesus Christ plays in that fearful event.

The value of the investigative judgment as an outreach and evangelistic tool is immense when its redemptive significance is clearly grasped with the mind and believed with the heart.


Adventist Core Beliefs #3

The Three Angels' Messages

The proclamation of the three angels' messages of Revelation 14 to "a dying world" is the primary mission of the Seventh-day Adventist church.


"The evidences of the abiding, everliving truth of these grand messages that mean so much to us, that have awakened such intense opposition from the religious world, are not extinct. Satan is constantly seeking to cast his hellish shadow about these messages, so that the remnant people of God shall not clearly discern their import—their time and place—but they live, and are to exert their power upon our religious experience while time shall last."

About Lobm

The Little Open Book Ministry was created in an effort to  bring about the full restoration of the sanctuary service message and related truths to the forefront of Adventist theology. LOBM believes that  this needs to be done, if the church is to succeed in fulfilling its divine calling and mission in the world.

LOBM's mission is "to present to the people the most precious and essential truth for this time and entreat all to preserve the old landmarks that have been searched out and, under the demonstration of the Holy Spirit, proclaimed to the world." (14MR 223)


“Just want to tell you, how much I enjoy going over the MDS series. I have grown to love each of the persons on the recording. Their comments, and personalities are wonderful. I feel like I know each of them and have never seen them or even known their names. They are my sisters and brother and I pray for you and them.” –D.P. U.S.A.

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