December 2019

Featured Studies. . .

The Experience We Do Not Now Possess

The Spirit of Prophecy says that many do not realize what level of character development is needed to survive in the time of trouble (EW 71). This study explains why we cannot afford to be part of that "many" who do not realize. . .

Meeting the Great Judge Face to Face

Historic Adventism's foundational teaching of the investigative judgment invigorated and reinstated. . .

The Seven-fold Purifying Messages of Rev 14

Adventism's fundamental teaching of the Three Angels Messages receives a much needed face-lift in this timely presentation.

August 2019


Spanish Outlines Now Available

The Meat in Due Season series outlines are currently being translated in Spanish by a team of dedicated volunteers.


Click here to download the outlines that are already available in Spanish.

October 20-22, 2016

ARME Bible Camp Studies

Watch Henry Cha's sanctuary video presentations made at the ARME Bible Camp  last October, 2016, in Nosoca Pines, South Carolina.

These presentations can also be found on AudioVerse.

About Lobm

The Little Open Book Ministry was created in an effort to  bring about the full restoration of the sanctuary service message and related truths to the forefront of Adventist theology. LOBM believes that  this needs to be done, if the church is to succeed in fulfilling its divine calling and mission in the world.

LOBM's mission is "to present to the people the most precious and essential truth for this time and entreat all to preserve the old landmarks that have been searched out and, under the demonstration of the Holy Spirit, proclaimed to the world." (14MR 223)


“What a blessing to be able to know and learn of the Sanctuary Study Series. My Christian Life has tremendously changed. I believe that I am walking closer with my Lord Jesus now, relying only on His promises and on the ministration He is doing for me and all of His children. Thank you very much for the time you are spending to share this with us.  May Great Lord continuously bless you and your family.”–  M. R., Edinburg, TX, USA.